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U.S. Bank Five Star Screwed
This is the Web Site U.S. BANK doesn't want you to see;
In fact, they've tried really hard to to suppress this site
This Web site was started almost two years ago as simply a means to tell the world about how the Grundhofer brother's
US Bank / US Bancorp gave me a royal screwing when I was a customer of USBank. Within days of launching this site,
people were contacting me with their own U.S. Bank / USBancorp horror stories. So now this Web site is the unofficial
US Bank gripe site. This is where the truth is located. We have stories from customers about how they were screwed
by USBank. We have information from employees explaining how bad things really have been. We have links to a
wide assortment of consumer complaint sites. And we have links to media outlet and governmental agency sites that
document the many scandals surrounding U.S. Bank (and its Grundhofer predecessors).

It's all here: Customer and employee complaints; stories of consumer abuse; scandals; unethical conduct; allegations of
fraud; allegations of discrimination. And much, much more.

The whole purpose of this Web site is to give you the truth beyond the "Five Star Guarantee" marketing bullshit, so that
you can decide for yourself if you want to have anything (further) to do with USBancorp.
Our 3rd Year with over 565,000 unique visitors to this site
It has been brought to our attention that there are many different versions of these Web pages floating around the Internet. Be sure
that you are viewing the most recent version of this Web site by clicking on this link: http://www.usbank-5starscrewed.0catch.com

This Web site is updated and new information and complaints are added about once each calendar quarter.
In case you hadn't figured it out yet, this non-commercial gripe and consumer information site is not
associated with, or condoned or otherwise sanctioned by USBank. In fact, they are doing everything they can
to make this site disappear. If you really wanted to go the the official Web site for US Bank, they are at:

[ More disclaimers and information at bottom of this page ]
U.S. Bank Gave Me A Five Star Screwing:

This is my USBank nightmare story. How they managed to botch a simple ATM transaction, then drained my accounts
with unwarranted NSF fees, and WOULDN'T GIVE THE MONEY BACK. We had to file a lawsuit to recover the money
they stole. But then, in a moment of outrageous vindictiveness, they decided to smear my credit report and forced an
expensive battle in the federal courts to get the damage undone. If they could do this to me, then they are capable of
giving a Five Star Screwing to anyone.

US Bank Gave Me A Five Star Screwing
By the way, this is the Web site US Bancorp does not want you to see. See what they've done to try to suppress this site:
USBancorp Tries To Suppress Gripe Web Site

Disgruntled US Bank Customer Web Sites:

Think my problem was an isolated event? Think I've over-reacted? Here is a collection of links to Web sites created by
other screwed USBank customers.

US Bank Customer Complaint Web Sites
Didn't Get Five Star Service From US Bank?

They claim in their advertising that their service is GUARANTEED. If they fail to deliver on that guarantee, that could be
considered to be disceptive or false advertising. File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC):

The USBank Customer Complaint Gallery:

We've been receiving customer and employee horror stories about USBancorp (the US Bank Five Star Screw) since the
day this Web site was launched.

Is US Bank mis-representing the terms of their loan and mortgage agreements? Is USBank intentionally manipulating
check and debit processing to cause the maximum number of NSFs?

Check out what customers and employees are saying and then decide for yourself:

USBank Screwed These Customers and Employees

The US Bancorp Hall of Shame:

This is where the really good stuff is located. State and federal regulatory agency actions against and fines levied on
US Bank / USBancorp; individual and class action lawsuits; scandal after scandal after scandal; allegations of
unethical conduct, fraud, discrimination. This is where you can get a feel for just how badly US Bank SUCKS (won't
see any of this stuff in their corporate public relations materials).

USBancorp Hall of Shame
Still More U.S. Bank / US Bancorp Complaints:

Customers and employees screwed by US Bank have been posting their grievances on the Internet. Check this out for
links to some of the more prominent complaint, opinion, and rating sites:

US Bank / US Bancorp Complaints
Found On The Message Boards:

You can learn a lot about a company be reading what people are posting about it to various message boards:
Complaints, "inside" information, and other valuable tidbits:

Found on the USBancorp Message Boards
A Brief History of US Bank:

Find out the history of US Bank / US Bancorp, and who's behind making it SUCK so bad today:

US Bank / US Bancorp History
Got A Beef With US Bank ? Fight Back !!

Don't stew in silence. If you've been screwed, or you just have a general complaint: FIGHT BACK! File complaints;
make them know you are pissed. Here are some tips on how to take them on:

Fighting US Bank; File A Complaint

Parting Shots: Some Final Thoughts
Jerry Speaks ?

Messages from someone who implies that he/she either is a member of upper USBancorp management, or at least
speaks for them. Decide for yourself:

USBancorp's Jerry Speaks?
Are other big banks any better ?
Acknowledgements: A special thank you to all those who have helped with the design, editing, and maintenance of this
Web site, and of course to those who provided information to us and/or who have posted our link to their Web site or Blog.
The help has been most appreciated: Thanx!
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annoyance of these ads.

We also apologize for the slowness and "clunkiness" of this site ("inartful" construction according to US Bank's lawyers): We have never
pretended to be Web site designers. But content is, after all, probably more important than fanciful presentation.

COPYRIGHT: We have intentionally NOT copyrighted the contents of this Web site. Anyone has permission to reproduce
and disseminate any or all of the information on this site without restriction (please do!)
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